Hey Doggebi Hunters! Dee here! With some teasy bug exciting news.

I’m working on my Patreon launch video, basically a quick little blurb that will explain why I’m going to start using Patreon as my chief monetization source and why that’s a good thing for me and for you the reader. The important thing is this web-comic will remain free to read, it’s not changing sites or in anyway will your current experience be uprooted. But those who believe the story should be given a chance to find the audience it belongs to will finally have a safe and secure mechanism to help.

So, this isn’t just a post to tell you about the looming Patreon video, but to ask if any of you could be so kind as to help me finalize both the video and the campaign itself. Here’s some things I need:


  1. Five Korean female voices. I need fluent speakers who can sound like they’re acting, not just reading willing to read one sentence each into a decent microphone and send me the file. If you help me out in this manner, I’ll give you a drawing (used in the video) for the character you voiced. And a big fat thank you credit at the end of my Patreon video.
  2. Someone who can lay down a decent score, be it synth, pop, classical, hip-hop or whatever I’m open to suggestions… I just need something to break up the monotony of hearing my voiceover on the vid.
  3. Rewards and Goals suggestions. This one is for serious inquiries only. If you are interested in this ping me and I’ll send you the preview link so you can offer feedback on the goals and rewards I’ve already set up.