Yesterday I made this announcement over at Patreon.

To be clear, you don’t have to be a patron to see updates about this process, but I won’t be posting them here. So if you are interested in seeing how I create the character concepts, flesh out the changes and implement them is where you want to go.

As such I’ve been sorting through what will be involved in the canonization process:

Fixing style inconsistencies, glaring errors, and sloppiness in the original pages is objective number 1 but…

  • How much rework should I consider vs salvaging the original panels?
  • Do I do this digitally so that I can only fix broken panels?
  • Or do I go with traditional pages so that I have original artwork for the Kickstarter?

But there are pitfalls to lookout for…

  • I intend to add some new pages, but I don’t want any Greedo shoots first disasters.
  • I don’t want to get trapped in rewrite/revision hell… a real danger with me as I generally hate my own work and Monday deadlines won’t exist for this effort.
  • The necessity of a series bible for this effort is a huge time consuming effort which brings me to…

And there are implications some of those decisions will have on the current pages.

  • So yeah, a series bible would need to be obeyed going forward… which means more inconsistencies in the pages between the prologue and pages produced after said bible.
  • There will be a (long) period of time where pages between the prologue and post-bible pages are wildly inconsistent. This may bother me more than it does you.

So that’s just where my mind is as I get myself ready to tackle this pretty monstrous task.