Jedi and bad-ass warriors make their own weapons. So I decided to make this…

2016-02-18 20.44.29

I don’t think we can call it artisanal, but it was made with care and love. See I love Moleskine, if for no other reason than they lay the flattest on a scanner of any sketchbook I know. But sadly the paper isn’t Copic marker friendly. But Crescent Render paper is amazing with Copic, well any media actually. So I decided I’d hand-craft the bastard love child of the two… behold the coptic stitched Crescent render paper sketchbook. I’ve decided to dedicate this to my new Patreon theme:  #TBT to #ThenAndNow.


And here in we find the first #ThenAndNow winner by a landslide vote of one single patron… Cyylwa and Gaius.