Ok. Here’s another set of 5 sketchbook spreads for my Patreon Patrons to vote on (remember to vote in the patreon thread!)


Once again, I was drawing my space zombies before Dead Space was a thing. And long before The Expanse, which I recently began reading… that’s good. The fact there are more space-zombies out there means it’s being genre-fied, and I can one day (maybe soon) come back to this story.


A school girl and her mech. Because why not? sb001_p035_036

So you know those soldiers who fight the space zombies I keep showing you? I wrote a future Halloween Special that set them in the middle ages against non-space zombies. sb001_p037_38

Some armor concepts and helmet breakdowns for those space-zombie-fighting-super-soldiers. sb001_p039_040

Blind navigator Raan Jaani and the first sketch of the sword collector.