Here are this week’s #TBT sketchbook spreads. If you’re already one of my Patreon Patron’s be sure to check out the voting thread!


Another character sketch for a player at one of my RPG game tables… Love that scar.

And an armor sketch. I must have gotten bored with it quickly.


David and His Mighty Men. David’s holding Goliath’s “There’s none like it” big ass sword.


Remember Gaius from the first #TBT post? Here’s another study I did of him.

And more western stuff I did for a Kiwi I know who makes movies.


A Rhino…

And some concept art I did for either an RPG or a Boardgame set in an Asian reform school… more in the next scan.


This scan marks a milestone in my attitude toward my sketchbook. It’s when I started “finishing” sketches. I jump around in a sketchbook, so there’s not a linear progression to be seen. Suffice it to say these poster concepts were a big deal in my growth as an artist.

The first is for the space-zombie-fighting-super-soldiers throught out this album.

The second for “IL-JIN” a boardgame/RPG concept I’ve been incubating for years.