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I’m pretty excited about this.

Page one of issue zero (aka the prologue) of The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi is finally here. This might prompt you to ask what this is all about. Well it’s a web-comic of sorts. I say of sorts because I intend some day to print it and much like Jason Brubaker did withreMIND I’m going to consider this a work in progress.

See I anticipate this being both a journey for you the reader and myself the author. Drawing in this fashion, one comic spread a week is surely going to span a time of considerable growth for myself as an artist. And I’ll probably want to apply knowledge gained along the way to some of the more neophyte entries… like this one being that it is the very first.

I also realize that I’ll make spelling and grammar mistakes along the way. So again borrowing a page from Jason Brubaker I’m welcoming you to point any such errors you spot. I’ll definitely be correcting those when they’re exposed.

I’d like to just make one final comment here about the setting and genre. What little I know about the Joseon era of Korean History is gleaned from a handful of trips to museums in and around Seoul, the miniscule amount of English literature printed on pre-1950s Korea, any Korean period drama I can find subtitled and info provided by friends who know more on the subject.

I’ve taken this tiny morsel of truth (in so much as History can be considered truth) and infused it with anachronistic fashions, my own wild imagination and pure fantasy. I hope that the story threading it all together is powerful enough to make it all work. But at the end of the day please understand I’m here to entertain rather than educate.

That being said, I hope you’ll be able to join me every Monday… errr every Doggebi Monday.