At times I like to throw in a Korean word or two into the dialog, here’s some of the more common words I throw around. I think I got all of them, but if you see something I missed while reading the comic leave a comment here and I’ll add it to the glossary… also if you’re a Korean speaker and you’d like to correct or suggest alterations to my definitions you can do that here too.

Aigoo An exclamation. Usually denoting annoyance, exasperation or irritation.
AhMaengAuSa Secret service. Agents of the king who hunt out corruption and handle special investigations. (see Mape)
Ajjushi Honorific for older male. Uncle. Old Man.
Appa Daddy
Chuno Slave hunter. In Joseon there were an incredible amount of slaves and enough of them tried to escape to support an industry of slave bounty hunters.
Affectionate honorific. During Joseon this honorific means older sibling, but isn’t only for blood relatives. In modern parlance it is only used by younger women addressing older women.
Female server typically running an inn or restaurant.
Badge of office carried by the AhMaengAuSa. It greases wheels and open doors. The number of horses on the mape denotes the bearer’s rank.
Naeuri Deferential honorific. This word denotes the authority of the subject over that of the speaker. It’s probably similar to the medieval English use of M’lord.
Umma Mommy
YangBan Males of the upper class. Wealthy land-owners and scholastic elite.