Happy Halloween!

The very first (hopefully annual) Studio Doggebi Halloween Special is finally here. I cannot begin to describe to you how very excited that makes me. This year I got Argentinian artist Nicolás R. Giacondino to take my words and make them into pretty pictures. And boy did he do a fantastic job. This comes as no surprise. Nic’s a rising start in the web-comic community because he does good work (Free Mars, Divinity).
Part of my excitement comes in the form of seeing someone else tackle my characters. I love the way Nic handled SolHwa’s renders especially. And his trees make me feel guilty about how vaguely I render mine. If a sudden intensity in tree-rendering-quality shows up in my work, we can credit Nic as the impetus of it.


I’ve kept things simple navigation wise. When you’re ready, click the Doggebi-Lantern. Then keep clicking pages to move forward. Eventually you’ll end up right back here.