sisters_for_kris_transparent6 Months is probably long enough for a hiatus. It’s time to get back into something vaguely resembling regular updates. So after thinking about it, mulling it over and deciding how I want to proceed with The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi, I’ve come to a decision.

Last December I printed the proto-canon version of the prologue for a local indy comic artist showcase. The impression I got based on the reaction to that book is this: long-form comics aren’t really suited to page-a-post updates. People need more of a chunk to digest. I have no scientific data to back this up… but since analytics suggest most of you binge read it at least feels like a sound conclusion. So going forward I’m not going to kill myself pushing weekly updates, both art and story suffer when I do.

Instead I’m going to release “scenes”.

A scene is basically everything that happens in a single setting, or in the case of a montage a single theme. So I’ll be scheduling updates by looking at the script and determining how long it will take me to finish a scene. I’ll put up a scheduled release for the next scene when I’ve made that evaluation. The next (as the title of this post suggests) is March 31st. That’s a way out, because I’ve got to finalize the script further in advance to facilitate this new system. Call it a buffer if you will.

Anyway I hope releasing in this format will engage more of you in the comments, given you’ll have more story to chew on with each individual post.